Delivery Information

Plan markets work day and night to serve you, so shipment of products takes place around the clock, and all products arrive within the state of Khartoum within 24 hours from the date you complete the request. In the case of large products and state requests, the products arrive the next day,
Requests from all countries of the world, the date of receipt of the request is determined by international shipping companies.

The shipping cost for orders within Khartoum State (Khartoum - Omdurman - Bahri) is a fixed cost for all orders 80 Sudanese pounds

The shipping cost outside Khartoum state is determined by the weight and size of the products

The cost of international shipping is determined by the international shipping companies and according to the mode of transportation.
 We do not require any additional charges for shipping charges

You can specify the arrival time per hour on the next day of the order date and in all cases our team will inform you of the movement of your shipment.

In the case of orders inside Sudan, you will not need a shipment tracking system. The orders are sent from the company’s stores to the customer directly without an intermediary. In the case of international orders, the shipping tracking number and the website link will be sent to know the points of movement of your shipment.

Express delivery service is available in coordination with customer service. You can know the cost after completing the order and it can be added to the shopping cart from the services section.